Carmel Valley 2020 Architecture


Project Details

A typical mid-century home in a Carmel Valley subdivision was in need of an envelope upgrade, a new kitchen and bathroom, and a good home office. Most of all it was in need of relating the house, which is situated on the bank of the Carmel River, to its spectacular surroundings with views of Santa Lucia mountains.

The existing home for a couple with a teenage son barely acknowledged the setting. The low-slung roof and low doors and windows cut off the mountain ridges and sky. A small wood deck was divided into a couple of sections with no good connection to the beautiful riverbed and its majestic plantain trees and a double-wide garage door dominated the front of the home.

A strict budget mandated that we had to prioritize. We decided that connecting the interior of the home to the landscape was the most important task and deserved the biggest slice of the budget. The roof over the great room was demolished and lifted to a height that allowed one to enjoy the vistas of the full mountain range, large sliders were installed to connect the great room and the kitchen to the deck beyond, expanding the appearance of both rooms. A well-priced Eucalyptus floor was installed throughout. IKEA kitchen and bathroom cabinetry allowed the avid cooks to have top-of-the-line appliances.