Project Details

Our clients purchased a 4,430 SF, 4 bedrooms, previously remodeled home. The core of the building was probably a classic mid-century home with a great glue-laminated timber roof structure. Over the years, ceilings had been added to accommodate a new HVAC system, an existing garage was converted to a studio, a second story addition and a new garage were built at the opposite side of the house. In short, the good core of the home was hardly recognizable.

The home is located on a very exposed hillside corner lot, which makes the entry courtyard and the small master bedroom court the only and very special private outdoor areas on the property.

Our Clients did not want to give up any of the square footage added over the years. To add clarity to the design, we fully glazed a hallway to the entry court to separate the original structure from the addition.
We added new hydronic heat, which allowed us to remove most of the ceilings exposing the gently sloping roof with its original wood decking and skylights. All nonbearing walls were removed to create a great room with an open kitchen. The entire ground floor opens to a deck surrounding the house, which we reduced in size to allow for a green roof over the existing garage.

All new doors and windows add to an improved building envelope while all new reclaimed teak floors and decking unify the appearance between inside and the deck and garden beyond.